About us

In March 2004, SafetyPlaza – after a period of committed preparations – organised its first seminar on industrial safety.
Today, SafetyPlaza is a unique alliance between 7 partners who, each in their specific fields, form part of the SafetyPlaza total concept.

The aim of this concept is to offer business-targeted information about risk assessments and total solutions for the safety of man and machine.

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left to right: Rudi Grouset (Beckhoff Automation), Rob Vrijburg (Leuze electronic), Dominiek De Leersnijder (RDL Engineering), Marcel van Bolhuis (Euchner), Lil Blommaart (SafetyPlaza), VladimirDragosavic (Euchner), Simon Mersch (ASO Safety Solutions), Jean-Jacques Mulleman (D&F Consulting), Marc Van den Ende (Axelent)

The safe use of machines leads to a growing number of worries. Machine safety legislation makes the subject particularly difficult. Every location that needs to be secured requires its own specific solution. Construction, assembly and electric functions have to be carefully selected so as to exclude manipulation and damage.

SafetyPlaza In-Company
In addition to the public seminars, SafetyPlaza also organises presentations about machine safety for businesses. These in-company seminars are mainly intended for the slightly larger businesses. Subjects that are discussed include risk assessments, practical security solutions, the new Machine Directive 2006/42/EC, two new global standards, EN ISO13849-1 and IEC 62061 (replacing EN954-1).

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